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Shanghai U POWER Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative smart EV company that builds cars for every purpose and everyone.We are committed to empowering clients to define cars through standardized UP Super Board, realizing Car as a Service (CaaS).
Founded in 2016,Black Sesame Technologies is a world-leading company of automotive autonomous driving computing chip,specializing in advanced R&D of high computing power chips and platform.We provide full solution for autonomous driving and V2X scenarios, including autonomous driving SoC design, learning image processing,autonomous driving computing chip with low power consumption and accurate perception as well as computing platform.
Geometrical Perception and Learning Co., Ltd. is a vertically integrated technology company that provides development, manufacturing and servicing of hardware and software products for SD solutions. G-PAL is headquartered in Shanghai with R&D strength overseas.
The SiEngine Technology Co., Ltd. is co-funded by ECARX, a pure mobility tech company, and ARM China company. It is registered in Hubei Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone and has branches in Beijing and Shanghai.The company focuses on the design, development and sales of advanced automotive SoC.
Shanghai U POWER Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative smart EV company that builds cars for every purpose and everyone.We are committed to empowering clients to define cars through standardized UP Super Board, realizing Car as a Service (CaaS).
Guangdong Jinsheng New Energy Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of comprehensive lithium battery recycling solutions in China, dedicated to the circular utilization of various waste lithium batteries and the creation of a closed-loop urban mining ecosystem.
Shanghai ComfortUni Smart Tech Co., Ltd., founded in May 2017, is headquartered in No. 888-24, Jianchuan Rd, Minhang Dt., Shanghai. The core team of the company is all graduated from SJTU. Since its establishment, the team has devoted itself to the innovation and development of automotive thermal domain control system, covering the fields of air conditioning, heat pump, thermal management, cloud-based data system and control algorithm. After several rounds of technology iteration, the core independent intellectual property has been formed, which has been put into practical application and transformed into social productivity. It has been highly recognized by many famous vehicle enterprises in the industry. At present, the company has established deep cooperative relations with Ideal, Xiaopeng, FAW, Lantu and other well-known automobile manufacturers.
Established in 2018, AutoCore is quickly emerging as one of the world’s leading high-performance, intelligent mobility software and automotive electrical and electronic architecture (EEA) solution providers. The company focuses on automotive middleware, tailored for different EEA computing platforms of next-generation vehicles. AutoCore’s key products includes a AutoCore.OS, with a complete tool set helping OEMs and Tier1s through full life cycle from design to production.AutoCore is building the world’s leading middleware platform featured with functional safety, security, flexibility and maintainability. Through its innovative modular design, AutoCore’s products are compatible with a variety of mainstream SoCs/MCUs, flexible system architecture to realize the full potentials of heterogeneous computing platforms - enabling volume production of next generation intelligent mobility.
Xinlian Power Technology
<p><span class="transSent" data-group="0-0">Xinlian P<span class="skip"><a class="color_pc_blue_text" data-keyword="power">ower</a></span> Technology (Shaoxing) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Core Power") is a one-stop system solution provider for automotive grade silicon carbide (SiC) manufacturing and module packaging. Founded in 2023 by SMIC and many well-known industrial investment institutions, Core Power is committed to providing chip system solutions for China's new energy development.</span><span class="transSent" data-group="0-1"> We will support the upgrading and innovation of the new energy industry.</span></p>
<p><span class="transSent" data-group="0-0">MINIEYE is a leading intelligent driving technology company in China, with core technologies covering three key scenarios of "driving, parking and cockpit", focusing on full-stack self-developed soft and hard one-volume production solutions, and committed to enabling intelligent vehicles in an all-round way.</span><span class="transSent" data-group="0-1"> The business matrix includes iPilot, iCabin, ADAS products and iSafety.</span><span class="transSent" data-group="0-2"> The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, with R&amp;D institutions and business branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing and other places.</span><span class="transSent highlight" data-group="0-3"> The mission and vision of the company is to reduce the traffic accident rate, optimize the driver experience, and help the high-quality development of China's automotive industry while improving the level of automotive automation and intelligence.</span></p>
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